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Russian village

Russian village Lizunovo. Moscow region. Russian village Lizunovo. Natural agriculture. Place of rest and residence.

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       In the village of Lizunovo there is a lot of free land for building housing, creating production or growing agricultural products. There are excellent pastures. This is complemented by cheap electricity, water and gas supplies. The village is expanding rapidly. The number of houses has increased by 50% in 6 years. A significant number of residents of neighboring villages and settlements pass through the village. The construction of chain grocery stores and restaurants is an event in the near future.

Russian village

       Until the 2000s, there was a large dairy herd of cows in the village of Lizunovo. In addition to milk, cream, butter, sour cream, and cottage cheese were produced. After 2015, the herd of cows is completely absent, although the demand for dairy products remains high.
       Besides milk production, flax and potatoes were grown in the village for many years. Old varieties of flax and potatoes were used. Now on these fields you can get stable high yields of potatoes, carrots, beets. You can grow plants that require artificial watering, because there are excellent underground water sources.
       An old cherry variety grows in the village, which has good medicinal properties - it recovers well the exhausted people. Cherries have a pleasant tart taste. Also some varieties of plums show very good yields.
       The soil in Lizunovo belongs to the varieties of soil with clay. Such soil can be effectively improved by the addition of conventional cheap peat. The addition of peat 1-2 times provides a stable improvement in soil quality for 10-15 years. It is very effective for growing potatoes. It should be especially noted that no chemical fertilizers have been applied to the fields of the village of Lizunovo for 30 years.
       The fields around the village are now privately owned and available for purchase at low prices. Intensive housing construction increases the value of land, but it is still in a comfortable range for business development.
       Economical advertising campaigns for the village of Lizunovo have been running for several years. In the absence of financial expenses for advertising, a significant result has been achieved - the number of newly built housing has exceeded 30% in 5 years. This increases the demand for new land and the price of land.

Russian village

       The cost of land in 2019 for construction is 350-450$ per 0.01 hectare. The cost of land in 2019 for agriculture is 250$s per 0.01 hectare.

Russian village Lizunovo. Natural agriculture. Place of rest and residence. Moscow region. Russian village Lizunovo.

Russian village Lizunovo

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